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Help! I'm on day 2 and want sugar!!!

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Guest TrishE

Im going to be honest :( there's no way to stop cravings. I wish there were. The best thing is fruit. Natural sugar like the kind in fruit is broken down easier by the body. Dont over indulge but it sometimes helps with the cravings. Also try to avoid overly salty foods. Sometimes eating too much salt makes your body crave sweet things.

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Let me help you on the sugar craving. As long as your not a diabetic you can do this! Whey protein is your best friend. Two scoops first thing when you wake up. Your body automatically wants something and is using up calories because you was at a no movement state while sleeping. 2 scoops should be less than 60 grams. The trick is the meal between lunch and supper you crave the sweets. Drink whey protein again between those meals. 2 scoops. Ok now that's established another thing that makes you crave sweets! Think about this next time you eat spaghetti. Anytime you eat spaghetti you crave sweets the most. Cut out all noodles and bread and drink whey protein. Now you need your fiber and grains so find another way to get those. If not eat very few bread. About two weeks you will start seeing a difference. And it's ok to cheat

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I love ice cream. And chocolate. And pretty much anything loaded with sugar. Especially during a certain week of the month, but I have managed to stay clean for the past 3 weeks!! I have times where I crave sweets so badly my mouth waters, and when the cravings hit, I blend. I have a few of the core power drinks stocked in the fridge, some Greek yogurt, fresh or frozen fruit and ground almonds. Core power has 26g of protein and comes in several flavors, like banana, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry banana. With the banana I chunk up some fresh bananas, grab a little container of vanilla Greek yogurt and throw them in the freezer, almonds I ground up in my blender and I just keep them in a container in the cabinet so they're ready to go! When your craving hits, throw your bananas, froyo, core power, and a couple tablespoons of almonds in your blender and voila!!

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