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  1. Ok so I'm tying to cut sugar out of my diet but my body is like begging for it, I already ate some making be get behind!!! What are some ways I can stop cravings and wanting to eat in order to stick to my goal?
  2. so I just started this today being very sad about my weight and stuff, and I've been sorta out of shape so I wanted to change my lifestyle towards the beginning so I won't have to start when I'm older. I'm working towards what any girl/woman wants thighs not to touch, flat stomach so what should I add to my lifestyle to help me with that? I know to drink more water, and stay away from sugar, but other than that any possible tips that will help me with my goal? Oh yeah I'm also lifting weights too so any tips you might have, thanks
  3. I'm new week one day two but I already feel it I'm a teenager who is kinda shy and upset about her weight since I'm already very tall and big boned and slightly over weight my whole life I've been just sucking my stomach in but now using this app and making some lifestyle changes I'm hoping I won't have to do that anymore does anyone have any weight loss tips like food/ eating/ exercises (other than running) ? Thanks
  4. I just started this after starting soccer and being slightly over weight I wanted to make a change in my life and one of my family members used this app a few years ago and loved it so I decided to give it a shot its day 2 and I'm already noticing changes I do this in the morning and I lift some 5 lb Dumbbells at night and I've been doing what I can to cut out the excess sugar I started the other two things a few weeks ago but just started running and drinking more water is there anything else I should add?
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