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  1. My fitness pal is a separate app that, once you download, you can sync up with c2k. Runkeeper also works great with both of these apps, I like to have runkeeper going while I'm doing c2k outside because it maps your run, time, elevation and other cool stuff
  2. I love ice cream. And chocolate. And pretty much anything loaded with sugar. Especially during a certain week of the month, but I have managed to stay clean for the past 3 weeks!! I have times where I crave sweets so badly my mouth waters, and when the cravings hit, I blend. I have a few of the core power drinks stocked in the fridge, some Greek yogurt, fresh or frozen fruit and ground almonds. Core power has 26g of protein and comes in several flavors, like banana, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry banana. With the banana I chunk up some fresh bananas, grab a little container of vanilla Greek yogurt and throw them in the freezer, almonds I ground up in my blender and I just keep them in a container in the cabinet so they're ready to go! When your craving hits, throw your bananas, froyo, core power, and a couple tablespoons of almonds in your blender and voila!!
  3. So happy for you! I, like you, never liked to run, and about a month or two after I quit smoking I tried and just couldn't handle it. I've been a year and 7 months and just started running and now I CAN BREATHE! I'm starting to enjoy it also, so even if you've quit recently, the benefits will keep coming the longer you stay away!!
  4. So I am almost finished with week 2! I have been able to push myself through even when I want to stop and walk thus far, but... I have a treadmill and will use it on rainy/cold days, but I often forego the treadmill for the great outdoors since the weather is perfect here right now. Problem is, where I live is very rural with several hills that span anywhere from 200 to 350 ft in elevation (thank you runkeeper which works perfectly running at the same time as this app so I'm afraid that while it is extremely difficult to push through jogging up those hills now, next week will be near impossible for me. Anyone else have these issues? I feel like the elevation will make me stronger, I'm just not sure that it's the best way to succeed with this particular program... Any suggestions?
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