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Treadmill problems.


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Hi Lucy. 6-7 mph is pretty quick but, see how you do outside too. Running on the road is tougher outside as a treadmill will propel you forward. Thats a really good pace. My best was 9 minute mile. Im really short. Let me know how you do. Im excited to see how you do. Good luck.

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Hello, this is an old post but in case anybody else wonders... I have to run 10km/h to finish the expected 2 miles in 20 minutes in week 5 and finish the 2,25 miles on week 6, I'm 172cm tall, it's too quick for my liking but I somehow managed until and including today best of luck

Don't stress on distance. Just run for the proper time. The distance will come on it's own after you complete the program.

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