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Am or Pm - New at running

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Hi everyone. My kids are/have been my whole life and I let myself go. I am overweight. I have some health issues going on, I would love to walk/run a 5k in October for Breast Cancer, and my daughter is getting married in February and I would like to look nice and feel good at her wedding. I just got my diet plan now onto exercise. I have never tried running before. I don't even exercise. I NEED TO and today is the day I am going to change my life. Day 1. I have lots of questions for those who have been on this journey for a while (getting fit - Losing weight - just being healthier etc..) I am just starting. Is it better to run in the morning before work or evening after work? And also before meals or after meals? I have been discouraged so many times I don't want to fail this time and would like to hear any advice and motivating stories to keep motivated and on track.

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Hi - welcome and way to go! It's your first step and you can do it!


I'm not extremely experienced (I'm in week 6 right now) but I remember these same feelings. You can do this (I know anyone can if I can).


In terms of running in the morning vs evening, I think it should be what fits best for you. I think I remember reading that running in the morning can help boost your metabolism and aid in weight loss, but my attitude has always been that the best way to lose weight is in the kitchen (calories in have to be less than calories out). Of course the running will help you be more fit and definitely helps you feel better!


That being said, I'm a morning runner. I wake up, have a small glass of water, and get to it (I haven't eaten before my runs in fear of getting an upset stomach during the run). I know personally that after a day of work and busy activities I'd never fit running into my nighttime routine - I'm too burnt by the end of the day to want to worry about a run. And honestly, the morning run really charges me for a good day - I actually feel like I have more energy to get through the day. But, you know you better than anyone else and what's best for you is what's going to fit in your schedule and allow you to get out there.


I'm running my first 5K in September for Breast Cancer as well - great cause!


You have this - these forums are FULL of support and motivation. Just keep running!

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Hi, I agree with SteveJ - the best way to lose weight is in the kitchen.  I lost 2.5 stone (35lb) on weight watchers.  I did exercise too but the weight loss is primarily due to me getting in control of what I was eating/drinking.  When I exercise I feel motivated and don't want to ruin my progress by eating rubbish.  So maybe start making wiser decisions with food, think of it as the fuel for your body to be able to complete the C25K plan?


Good luck - you can do it!

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Great advice everyone..... I used to run in e mornings, but now i work inthe am (here too :)), now I go inthe afternoons, I live in a dry climate but unless it is under 100 degrees, I am fine.


You have kiddos, so maybe before they wake up? or after they go to school?? However you can get in your workout, do it! You got this! Good Luck!

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