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  1. How exciting to imagine in a matter of weeks the progress you will have made Good luck and ENJOY the ride!
  2. Hi, I agree with SteveJ - the best way to lose weight is in the kitchen. I lost 2.5 stone (35lb) on weight watchers. I did exercise too but the weight loss is primarily due to me getting in control of what I was eating/drinking. When I exercise I feel motivated and don't want to ruin my progress by eating rubbish. So maybe start making wiser decisions with food, think of it as the fuel for your body to be able to complete the C25K plan? Good luck - you can do it!
  3. Hi, I just turned 39 on Saturday and am from West Midlands in England. I started and completed C25k in 2009. Felt such a sense of achievement when I completed it. Once complete I started a one hour runner programme but cant for the life of me remember what happened - but suddenly I didn't do it anymore. I go tot the gym and do lots of spinning classes each week - really love it Anyway, as a teacher, I am on my summer break and thought what a great challenge to complete C25K again and this time, keep it up! As I go spinning I already have a level of fitness so decided to start on wee
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