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My "jogging" is slower than my "walking" What to do?

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I've tried other apps in the past, and just jogging on my own, but every time the same thing stops me. I notice that my "jogging" is slower than my "walking" and I can't figure out what i'm doing wrong. If I speed up, I almost instantly become tired. If I continue at my slow hop/walk/jog pace, I lose almost all my motivation because I get so self-conscious. I don't know if i'm just out of shape or what. Any suggestions?

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Guest TrishE

Hello :) if youre new to running having a slow pace is best! I know it doesnt feel like it but keeping your pace slow will help you build endurance because you're less likely to stop before the time is up. Just remember, when youre starting to feel bad about it, the name of the game is endurance, not speed.

Ignore other people. This is all about you and your work out. Trust me theyre all worried about themselves and probably dont even notice you.

keep your head and keep running :) you can do it!

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I read the book "Chi Running" and it taught me to run in a controlled fall. Instead of focusing on the push of your toes to propel you, lean forward and focus on the lifting of your leg to get in front of you so you don't fall on your face. I over simplified it but that's pretty much how they say is the correct way to run effortlessly. It's a decent read and not too expensive as an apple bookstore book.

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Chi Running is a great book that I had forgotten about, thanks for the reminder. My advice is to forget about time and speed and just dial in to a comfortable pace and just go. I am not there yet but I have been there in the past. When you get to a point where you can lace up the shoes and hit the pavement for 30,40 or 60 minutes, then you can start to worry about pace. Until then, try to enjoy the process of getting it done. If you focus on speed before the endurance you are likely to get injured. Enjoy! Just finished week 2 day 1 and I can feel my "wind" coming back. It's not as easy yet as it once was but someday it will be.

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