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Week 1 Day 1 - failed?!?!

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I am also 41 and overweight. I just did week 1 day 1. After the first couple of rotations, I only ran for 30 seconds instead of the full minute, and I only completed 19 minutes. I plan to just keep doing day 1 until I can complete it. I don't feel like I failed because I was able to get out there and try. Hang in there, and maybe we can do this somewhat together.

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I have been on week 5 for like 3 weeks now. Lol, I started this program over two months ago, but I haven't been consistent with my running days and then have to do the weeks over again because I had lost my endurance.

Keep it up! And don't skip days! It really messes you up.

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I am 66, overweight & I haven't run since school. I have started C25K a couple of times & repeated problem days/weeks as necessary, I couldn't do Week1 Day1 when I started, yesterday I did W5 day3 (2nd attempt). If I can do it you can too, just do it at your own pace & enjoy your achievement. Best wishes

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