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  1. I hate cardiovascular too..we'll hate it together! Just finished week 1 day 1 (and then bought the pro version so it doesn't show) got halfway thru this program 2 years ago and lost 10 pounds (found it again!)
  2. But a total lack of athletic ability and, more importantly, motivation kept me from it. Now I'm a 38 yr old mom of 3 boys and tired of being slightly chubby. Always blamed my lack of desire on an overabundance of chest. DONE with excuses! as the name implies, I'm the biggest marching band geek you've ever met and with 2 boys in band the season approaches quickly! Running the color me rad with my boys at the end of august (reschedule from may due to our lovely tornado weather). This will be my third 5k and I'd actually like to do more than walk it!
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