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Distance vs. Time

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Hey Folks,


First time posting here. I'm starting week 5, day 1 today and I noticed that day 2 has the first distance requirement vs minutes. Does the app track distance travelled for those days? I also noticed that day 3 this week has a major jump in running (2 miles!). I saw that and had a WTF moment.



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Guest TrishE

Welcome Josh!

Im not entirely sure if c25k free tracks distance. I used an alternate app while using the c25k app to do that when I did it.

Yes week five day three is a big big jump, in my opinion the creators did to test us haha Just give it a try. A lot of people are surprised that they are able to do it the first go round. You never know what your body is capable of it until you push it right? Keep your head up get some great music slow your pace down until your comfortable and just do it!! Best of luck to you!

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Hi Josh!!! I'm currently on wk8, but I very vividly remember that wtf moment in wk5!!! I felt like the plan was playing a dirty trick on me! But during those runs (and all of them since) I kept telling myself that a lot of research went into this program so I must be able to do it... After all IT'S SCIENCE!!!! Just keep repeating those two words over and over when you feel like you can't make it!! Hope that helps

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I've also noticed (looking ahead as I'm currently in week 3) that once the plan starts including distance and time instead of time only, the walking part seems to not make sense. For example, walk 1/4 mile 3 minutes. Who walks at a 12-minute-mile pace? That is not walking!

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I had trouble looking at that but remember walking pace is 4mph this is only 5mph so it's a brisk walk.

60mins/5mph = 12 mins per mile so yes it looks fast but it's between a walk and a jog.


I've been doing 10mins per mile pace up to week 5 then failed the 20min run as it was too fast, so slowed down and now it's fine. I wouldn't worry too much about speed at this stage it's more about completing the sections, the speed will improve.

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I guess indeed that they made a mistake in the app.. running speed should be 6 mph in that way in week 8 you complete 3 miles in 30 minutes.

When I ran into it i calculated that their walking speed was faster than my running speed.

I just finished week 8 and completed the distance of 3 miles, coming just 1m10 short of the total time. Have to say that I walked .25, ran 3 and walked .25 finishing in 41:10 instead of 40 min. Am trying to get my running speed a notch higher ran at 5.6mph completing it total in 5.1mph average.

So it is up to you how you feel if you want to complete the distance or the time but indeed halfway they made some calculation error.



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