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No weight lose - demotivated

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Hi there Mjan,


Sounds like you are doing great with the running. Week 7 is an accomplishment in itself. If you are not seeing any weightloss, have you changed your diet???


High Protein Low carbs will melt it right off of you. I am in love with the Paleo WOE (way of eating), and I have been known to just eat meat for a few days and drink water to melt the weight off really fast.


Hope this helps. Let me know how you do. Good luck.

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Everyones body is different. I do not like carbs and in love with protein, it is how I am made. Always have been. As a kid, i hated cake and ice cream, give me chips. Lol. So, you have to do and eat what works for you. Eating Clean is the way to go. You might thrive on oatmeal for breakfast, I cannot, give me bacon and eggs. Eat Clean and no processed foods. My weakness???, yummy cocktails on the weekend, but.............it goes to the butt and belly...................lol!!!! But ya gotta live too, so all in moderation!!!!!

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Thanks a lot Kelly


I didn't changed much of my eating! Here we use much bread almost with everything which is hard to reduce because of alternative


But I think when i start some other workout and other excersize beside running than I might be able to loose fat!


I drink a lot of water and cut off eating much rice!

I know it takes time and I should be patient!

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You are very welcome and you answered back fast. I do understand that in a lot of countries bread is a huge part of a diet. We lived in Holland for 5 years and we had bread and cheese every morning. But there was not a lot of processed foods at all. So, we did not have fast food. We were very slim and trim. We rode bikes everywhere, walked, worked out, etc.... Not like here in America. This country is so spread out and so are we for sitting in our cars. Lol. I would limit too much bread though. Maybe breakfast so you can burn it off all day. I find myself as I am getting older, that I like 2 meals a day and snacks. I cannot eat 3 meaks anymore. N


Nice chatting with you.

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