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  1. Hey Don't ever think of failure!!! You will make it, I gurantee this Keep it up
  2. Today again! I couldn't complete 5k in 30 minutes. Any advise
  3. Trishe Thanks a lot. That is good to know because I also couldn't finish 5 k in 30 minutes. It is my goal and should be able to do soon Good encouraging stories
  4. Great job!!! I think we should be able to complete 5 k in 30 minutes not in 42. Let me know if i am wrong
  5. hey all I just finished week8 day 3!!! Feeling great. I have successful completed the 30 minutes run but failed in completing 5 km in 30 minutes. I could only run 4.2 km in 30 minutes!!!! Please advise
  6. Wow another day of week 8!!!! Did it. Feeling excited and only thing is that it was not 5 k for 28 minutes! I will now work on to make a bit speed and to complete 5k in 30 minutes
  7. Yes You will get the days where you can't run as planned! But you can do it
  8. Hey hey hey Wowoowwoowow I did it finally today! I changed my shoes and my path of running! I was today in Nice city of Budda Bamyan and ran 31 minutes!!!! I felt very comfortable and could run for more minutes but I didn't and wanted to keep the schedule!!!!!! If I could do this! I am sure all can do Thanks all for courage
  9. Hey guys Again failure!!!! Want cry :( I couldn't run today again for first day of week 8! I felt pain in my front part of legs with bones too!!! I couldn't run after 15mins What to diooioiooii
  10. Thanks a lot you both! Tommorow I will do it
  11. Man good you did it Today was my first day of week 8 and I could not run without breaks in between!!!!! Tomorrow will try again! You did it! I think 30 minutes should include 5k
  12. hey all I took a two days break after week7 and today started week 8 but could not run 15 minutes! I had to take three short 1 min breaks in between 28 minutes run!!!! After 15 mins run my front part of both legs got pain that stopped me from continuing I consider it a big failure any advise please !!!!
  13. hello all I want to and can run 5 days a week when this app requires 3 days a week. What advise? Should I run 5 days or 3
  14. Nice Kelly Will try to reduce bread, but we don't have much processed food, most of are natural. Will update in weeks!
  15. Nice Kelly Will try to reduce bread, but we don't have much processed food, most of are natural. Will update in weeks!
  16. Thanks a lot Kelly I didn't changed much of my eating! Here we use much bread almost with everything which is hard to reduce because of alternative But I think when i start some other workout and other excersize beside running than I might be able to loose fat! I drink a lot of water and cut off eating much rice! I know it takes time and I should be patient!
  17. hey all I am really happy that I am in week 7 day 2 But I don't see any changes to my belly fat!!! Any idea???
  18. Hello all and especially Kelly I am from Afghanistan and using this great app. I am in w5d1 I just wanted to ask if running helps me lose belly fat and any recommendations for types of food which should I avoid eating? Best
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