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  1. giving a break in between running is good to avoid plateaus ! so add bodyweight exercises too ! this is what I have experienced in last 20 years of the workouts .
  2. Dear mjan If possible reduce your bread intake as it has helped me a lot in reducing belly fat and try not to take carbs in your dinner and you are doing great .
  3. My name is Sabrina Attique . I am 49 years old . I am into this fitness craze since 20 years .I have a passion to help people who have weight problems I was 165 lbs when I gave birth to my last baby at the age of 27 ,I have four kids eldest one being 25 and youngest is 19 . When I started I had a chronic lower body weight . Through consistent effort I was able to reduce 34 lbs in 4 months .I never believed in taking medicines to reduce . I chose a lifestyle along with my workouts to attain my goal. Then i maintained my weight till i was 44 years old and a breast cancer put me into a shock !!!
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