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Trying to lose fat (fast as possible)


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Hey there :)

I am 33 years old, 87 Kilos, 1.78 and I am trying to lose around 8-10 Kilos (and i want to reduce my body fat) 

My main workout is Running, I am running almost everyday for 45 min, around 5 kilometers (and from time to time I am doing P90X, Kenpo x)

and I am a little bit confuse about the intensity of my running 

Some places I heard that I should run slow for a long time for maximum fat lost 

and some other places I heard that I need to run fast (small sprints) to lose maximum fat 

what is the right method?   


* Plus I am taking my diet very seriously since I know I need to lose more calories than i am taking 


Plus if you have any other methods and tips how to lose fat and to reduce my body fat "fast" it will be great!




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Hi, Joseph! Sorry to contradict Run4Health, but I say sprints. Sprint above 80% Max Heart Rate for a minute, run at 65%-80% Max Heart Rate for 2 minutes for one set. Repeat 5 more sets. Add in 5 minute warm up before first set and 5 minute cool down after last set. 


When you participate in steady-state running (running at the same speed for a long time), you are telling your body to conserve energy (fat). Our bodies are efficient and will learn to do the same activity with less energy expenditure (calorie burn) over time. That is why you will notice a particular session getting easier when you repeat days--you're body is adaptive and efficient!


Regarding food: varying the amount of calories you take in each day. Take your goal amount and plus or minus some each day. Today, each X calories, tomorrow eat X + 100 calories, and the day after eat X - 100 calories. Varying the calories keeps your body guessing. When you intake the same amount of calories each day, your body will learn to store away a certain amount "for a rainy day."


I'm sorry to say it, but it's important you get enough sleep (I am particularly bad about this one). If you are not working a shift schedule, but have a steady schedule, set a time to get out of bed each day. subtract 8 hours and that will be your tentative sleep time. I say tentative, because that time will change with your day. If you have a particularly busy day and need to stay up a little later, you can, but you need to get up at the same time. The next day, you'll be more tired so you'll go to sleep earlier (unless you're like me and get distracted on the internet...). 


Do the P90X weight lifting in between run days. An example would be: Monday Chest and Back, Tuesday Run, Wednesday Shoulder and Arms, Thursday Run, Friday Legs and Back, Saturday Run, Sunday REST!


If you feel REALLY ambitious and want to run and do weights back to back, do your weight lifting before your run. It'll give your metabolism a boost!


Try to eat something nourishing/liquid-y/healthy within 45 minutes after your workout. Maybe a protein shake, green smoothie, or light soup. If you eat dessert, the best time to eat it is right after your workout! Your muscles take in sugar to rebuild the muscle without using insulin. That's the best time!


Stay hydrated with water throughout the day. If you're running 45 minute sessions, stay away from sugary drinks like sports drinks and juices.


I hope these tips work as well for you as they did for me!

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