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  1. Hi everyone, Many, many years ago while still in school, I was a runner. Sprinter on the track team and distance runner off season. As the years went by (in the blink of an eye) I had an array of health obstacles from heart surgery to torn meniscus to fluctuating weight gains blamed on "getting older". Over this past summer I had an awakening as my weight once again put a hurting on the scale. I had heard of this C25K app and was curious if I could do it and get my aging self back in shape and stay there this final time. So, with a goal to enter and run a 5K in a respectable time along with a weight loss of 65 lbs, I am committed and determined to get fit and maintain good health from here on out. I chose the name Run4Health as a reminder of why I am here and what I intend to accomplish. Along the way if I can help others in their journeys then I will be more than glad to do so. Good Luck to everyone here, let's do this!
  2. Definitely want the "slow burn" to utilize fat stores. Pace yourself between 65%-75% max heart rate for longer runs to burn the most fat. Also keep up with the healthy nutrition so you don't sabotage all your hard work.
  3. I had finished the app not long ago and I was wondering the same thing. I downloaded the 10K app to start out with week 9 but I ended up doing the 5K app a second time at a higher speed. When I finish it for the second time, I will continue on the longer runs for further endurance. Hopefully I'll get to the point where I can enter a 5K and finish with a decent time.
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