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Even small success is success...

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I never look at the C25k app before I get out on the trail. Had I looked at it last saturday, I'd have never gotten up and ran. Week 4, day 1...run for 5 minutes straight, not once but twice? If you'd told me 4 weeks ago that I'd do that I'd have laughed you out of town.


But I did it. 3 times this week (and actually 2 of those days were in the Florida summer humidity!)(lots of water and a couple Salt Tabs). Yesterday I marked the halfway point of the C25K program, finishing week 4.


Monday starts Week 5. Can't wait to conquer the next milestone!

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And first 5K....FINISHED!


Pretty decent time, I wasn't too worried about it. Goal was to keep going the whole time and finish. Only point I walked a little was near a water station, to pour some over my head and swig a small amount.


TThe feeling coming around the corner and seeing the finish line was pretty cool!


Can't wait for the next one!

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