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  1. The best advice I can give you is to believe you can and you will. Your body will amaze you once you start pushing yourself.
  2. Alex I started and I could barely finish three of the running portions but over time I got better. I even started over just so that I could finish them and run them completely. I never got the feeling of puking but I always got the feeling is my nose was going to start bleeding Keep the Faith girl you can do this
  3. ForeverStrong


    Try athletes tape. Or compression socks. I have them bad when I run on hard surfaces. I run good in grass, on a treadmil, or a school track. Of course my shims still hurt but running on softer surfaces make the pain bearable
  4. Hold the day down and it will uncheck its self
  5. Everyone's body is different. I personally sweat alot. Recently I lost 5 pounds in presently restarted my C25K from week 3 because I didn't feel ready.
  6. I don't drink anything for a hour before I run , then right before the race like 5 minute I drink a cup.
  7. My overall goal is weight loss. I have a bad knee so I'm afraid of doing my legs and I don't want them to be sore on days I run.I'm not interested in bulking up more slimming and toning up.
  8. I have shin splints and a bad knee. I do better on a treadmill. I haven't had a running figure on the treadmill
  9. I currently only cross train C25K with C25K on the days Mon-Weds_Fri I the scheduled training and a full hour of P90x KenpoX and on Tues-Thurs-Sat I do Week 1 Day 1. I'm not sure what I should be doing.
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