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  1. The best advice I can give you is to believe you can and you will. Your body will amaze you once you start pushing yourself.
  2. Alex I started and I could barely finish three of the running portions but over time I got better. I even started over just so that I could finish them and run them completely. I never got the feeling of puking but I always got the feeling is my nose was going to start bleeding Keep the Faith girl you can do this
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    Try athletes tape. Or compression socks. I have them bad when I run on hard surfaces. I run good in grass, on a treadmil, or a school track. Of course my shims still hurt but running on softer surfaces make the pain bearable
  4. Everyone's body is different. I personally sweat alot. Recently I lost 5 pounds in presently restarted my C25K from week 3 because I didn't feel ready.
  5. I don't drink anything for a hour before I run , then right before the race like 5 minute I drink a cup.
  6. My overall goal is weight loss. I have a bad knee so I'm afraid of doing my legs and I don't want them to be sore on days I run.I'm not interested in bulking up more slimming and toning up.
  7. I have shin splints and a bad knee. I do better on a treadmill. I haven't had a running figure on the treadmill
  8. I currently only cross train C25K with C25K on the days Mon-Weds_Fri I the scheduled training and a full hour of P90x KenpoX and on Tues-Thurs-Sat I do Week 1 Day 1. I'm not sure what I should be doing.
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