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  1. You can delete it and download again. Once you open it back up, you can double tap each workout to show it as complete and pick up from where you left off.
  2. I absolutely love C25K app and after I finished with it, I was prompted in app to download the 10K For Pink app, which I did. I have started the app on Week 9 Day 1, but every time I open the app, it reverts to Week 1 Day 1. Is there any way to force the app to open on the day I wish to start from, or do I have to manually sit through each work out from week 1 in order to do so? Also, with C25K, I can start the app, close it, start something else (Pandora) and reopen the app and it would continue to run. I tried that with 10K For Pink at about minute 45 and when I reopened the app, it reverted to Week 1 Day 1! I lost an entire workout!! The only other issue I have with 10K For Pink is that I have to use a calorie counter to figure out how much I burned to enter into MyFitnessPal, whereas C25K links and performs the calculation automatically. I absolutely love the ZenLabs apps and am hoping to continue with the half marathon, but I really hope the features that make C25K so great could be used in the other apps as well.
  3. I don't necessarily concentrate on how many breaths I take for each footfall, but I do concentrate on only breathing through my nose while running. I find this helps me to keep myself under control and I don't get exhausted the way I do when I breathe through my mouth.
  4. Hi there! I'm enjoying the forums very much and am happy Zen Labs have provided a place for us to discuss and give encouragement to each other. I finished C25K a few weeks ago and have stepped up to 10K For Pink. The functionality of this app isn't quite as robust as C25K and I was wondering if there is a way to link it to MyFitnessPal like C25K? I also think creating a board for these types of questions would be great, so we wouldn't have to search the entire forum for solutions to different apps. Thank you so much for creating these wonderful apps, zenlabs!!
  5. I'm not using Android, but on my iOS device, I can start Pandora, then start C25K and Pandora continues to play. I haven't created any playlists to play inside the app, as Pandora has worked great for me in this capacity. Try doing the same with Spotify on your Android device and see if it works the same way.
  6. From myfitnesspal, you can go to "Apps & Devices" which is found under the three horizontal bars in the upper left corner, and scroll down to "C25K - 5K Trainer" and select it. You can then connect the apps together.
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