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Another new starter.......

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First week this week. 42 year old male who fits the same profile as many here, lapsed on my fitness and trying the 10k app to build my foundation fitness and see if I can turn running into a hobby!! Always been relatively fit, but never any kind of distance runner.


My main problem had always being capable of finding an excuse not too do it!! I have completed the first two runs without any issues but am maybe introducing myself as a motivation to see things through to week 15 - I get bored too easily!! Would appreciate any thoughts.

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I'm the same way, I have a pretty short attention span. What was great about this program is that it helped with short term goals, something I could concentrate on hit quickly then move on to a new goal. Before i knew it I was feeling better and looking better. That helps a lot, seeing progress.

Just keep with it and do some fun strength training on the off days to keep it interesting. If you need encouragement to get out there just hop on the forums and youll get plenty :)

Good luck and congrats on starting!

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