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  1. Ok, having started strongly with first 2 runs on Sunday and Tuesday, just about squeezed in the final run of the week on Saturday. So does week 2 start on Sunday again, or do people advise always having a rest day? Any thoughts? Also, if I am finding the first week easy is it beat to skip a week? Be patient and keep to the plan? Try to run further/faster? Is distance important? I did 3.5km for Week 1 run 3. Anybody got any comparisons? Do people set targets? Sorry, lots of questions/thoughts!!
  2. First week this week. 42 year old male who fits the same profile as many here, lapsed on my fitness and trying the 10k app to build my foundation fitness and see if I can turn running into a hobby!! Always been relatively fit, but never any kind of distance runner. My main problem had always being capable of finding an excuse not too do it!! I have completed the first two runs without any issues but am maybe introducing myself as a motivation to see things through to week 15 - I get bored too easily!! Would appreciate any thoughts.
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