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Overweight female wondering if this is good for me?


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Hello everyone. I am 39 (today's my birthday) female realizing I need to get past the being overweight! I am 5'10" weighing 290 wanting to lose 140 lbs. Is this program meant for anyone or is this too ambitious of a start? Anyone been in my shoes before? I am relatively healthy minus the weight.

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I think this program is for you but I don't want to fool you. It will be a fight. Are you game for a fight?

I'd strongly consider you also work strength training in. Especially for that lower body. Also make sure you stretch EVERY SINGLE TIME after your runs and workouts. Lookup stretches specific to running.


Finally, listen to your body. If anything hurts, Stop. I don't mean my calves are burning from soreness or I'm pooped. If something is wrong. STOP.


Aside form that, FIGHT!!! I did.

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Exactly! This program was designed for people who arent runners and who want to start slow and build to being healthy!

Please just give it a try and if you dont like it just try something else. Like Kbokl said all you have to lose is weight.

If you are that worried about it you should just give your doctor a call and tell then that your planning on starting an exercise program and what it entails. Theyll let you know if its not a good  idea but I dont think theyll said it isnt. 

Good luck! we are all here for help and encouragement if you need it. Keep us posted on your decision! 

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HEYYYYY  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D Nancerz and welcome on the Forums...


This program is not too ambitious for you at all how bad do you want it?  Bad , Right?  Like Azatol says, it is not easy, you have to fight for it and YOU CAN DO IT!  Al of us are here.


Do not worry if you cant run out of the gate, walk, then get faster little by little, cant run for a minute?, now worries at all, You are lapping anyone sitting there.  Like today, it is raining out, so I am just finished jogging around my house, poof, 1000 steps in, and I am not done yet.  I will do pushups, squats, jacks, jog, all in my house.  


I am so proud of you for beginning and we are all here cheering you on,  YOU TOO KBOCK!   


If We can answer any questions for you, please ask..  


HUGS TO YOU and get out there!

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