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Anyone here with a FItbit?


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I am Absolutely in love with the SURGE, I am such a Gadget Girl.  So far so Good Azatol.  Lighting is perfect.  I am now going to sell my Gear Live Watch and Pebble. 


There is nothing like a Fitbit. I am thrilled.  Love watching my steps today, and flights of stairs.  I am getting ready to run so ai m excited to see how it logs it.  It is worth it.  


I have had may fitbits and have lost them....  Not this one.


If any of you belong on fit\bit, add me.   I do have  a group called Northern Nevada!

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Yes. Oh my gosh Azatol.


It is so worth it. I am in love. It tracks my sleep, stairs, miles, etc,... Holy moly. Makes me move. It rained all day yesterday, and in my house, I got 6000 steps in, 2.2 miles, 7 flights of steps, etc. you can also select when you exercise, run too. I can't live without it now. Says the battery stays charged for 7 days. I just charge when I'm at my desk when im not moving. I tell you, it's pricey, but so worth it. Just sell something on eBay. Ha.

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Hi Ebsmith,


If you are can afford the Surge, I'd definitely get it. You can always sell the flex. I've sold a few on eBay and local garage sale pages.


I can't live without it now. Lol. But it's a good thing as yesterday I was 8700 steps and I made myself move until I got to 10100 steps. By the time I went to bed, I was over 11000 for the day. This one also tracks your exercise and runs by GPS too. Then when you login to the app, it shows where you ran on the app. It is the best hung I have ever ever bought. Lol. I am hooked. Let's see how many steps today.


I'm curious abou the sleep though. I swear I sleot form 11:30-6 am , with only a few potty breaks and it said I only slept 3:30. Hmmm. Very interesting.



Anyways. Have an awesome day.

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