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Running around meals and bedtime


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If I know Im running Ill eat a small meal and wait about an hour and a half before my run, drinking water. You may be different than me though. i cant workout close to bed time because exercising wakes me up for awhile. 

Sorry to hear about the insomnia that sounds awful

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Hey there,  for me, I get lazy after dinner.  lol.  So Like TrishE says, eat small first before you run and maybe something more later.


I am not much of a sleeper, so if I was going to workout and bedtime is at 10pm, I would go at 5 pm and no later.  But everyone is soooo different..  I have to have downtime before bed, whereas my hubby can get into bed right after work.  UH, I would be awake all night if that was me.


Hope this helps you!

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