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Well Hello MrsM,


Yay for beginning.  We are all so here to cheer you on and help you with your Journey.  YOU CAN DO IT!   Peruse our Boards here and everyone is here to help you.


Happy you are going to do this to be healthier.  Once you begin, you will become addicted like the rest of us.  One Foot in Front of the Other!


SOOOOOOOO Proud of you!  Keep it up and post here.  


We have an Accountability 2015 Board, you can make a Journal for yourself on you New Journey to a healthier you.    Cannot wait to hear your progress!  Happy Running!

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Warmest of Greetings MrsMakanile, and congrats on your success -- 3 5k's under your belt!! Awesome-sauciness!!! Your goal to run a full 5k this summer, and your goal to run a half marathon next summer motivates and encourages me to stay with this. It is my goal as well to run a full 5K, (St Patty's day run in March).  Also, I haven't considered participating in 1 mile walks - I am now! Thank you! 


CHEERS ... please keep us posted!

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