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I'm a performer not a runner


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So yeah I'm new to this whole running thing. My sister has tried on multiple occasions to get me to run with her but I never liked it. I'm a singer not a runner. I also felt like I never had time to commit to being a regular runner. I'm a full time music major which means 75% of my classes are only 1 credit hr even though they meet for 4 hrs, and on top of going to school I also work to pay for it.

The reason I've decided to do this is because my sister is getting married and I want to surprise her and run the Tough Mudder with her at least once before she ties the knot.

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Good Luck! Thats a great idea for your sister and shes going to love it!

Ive always wanted to do a tough mudder but they kind of terrify me haha

Congrats on starting your new running challenge and if you need help or encouragement to do a day or work let us know! We are all here to help!

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Chelsa!  Good for you! I giggled when Azatol said that you are now a runner and a singer!  YEP! LOL  


I cannot wait to hear how you continue to do AND I cannot wait to hear how surprised your sister will be when you sidle up along side her to run a Tough Mudder!  How cool!  


....and now to go look up what a Tough Mudder is! LOL I'm guessing it's messy.  ;)


CHEERS Chelsa!!  Keeps us posted!

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