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Say it, do it...hopefully


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So...new to forums but hope by saying it out loud or in this case typing it, I will keep motivated to keep doing it.


42, overweight and out of shape!! And just signed up to coach my daughters football (soccer) team. I used to play but haven't been fit enough for a long time.


So I started the Atkins diet a few weeks ago and feel great. Started walking 5kms with a friend a few weeks ago too. Have lost 2 kgs of the necessary 20 and feeling positive for the first time in ages. Now have some self belief I will be able to run around with a bunch of 12 year old girls!!!


Then I discovered this app and tried day one and I actually did it (with some serious puffing and panting!!) Even managed day 2 a few days later with a few 5km walks in between. I have just talked my friend into doing it too. So she has done day one and me day three but I will repeat a couple and hopefully pant a little less!


Dreading week 2 even though it's only 30seconds more!! But I'm telling myself I can do it and that I want to be a real (read active and participating) coach not just one who yells at training.


It might take more than 8 weeks but I currently believe I think i can do it! I needed to type this so it is real. As a first time forumist it feels a bit self indulgent but I guess readers might well have given up reading at paragraph one lol!!

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So I repeated w1d2 with my friend, this being my 4th attempt. I was feeling confident. After run two I was ready to pack it in. Talk about heavy legs! Then I reminded myself yes they are heavy and that's why you are doing this!! By round 5 the lady telling us we were halfway way was the motivation we needed not to get in our cars and head to the pub! Anyway the last leg we were barely moving but we did get there even if my confidence was shattered.


Now we do this run around the park where our mildly embarrassed teenage sons have football (soccer) training. So we decided to continue our warm down until they finished their training.


Ending the evening on a high we did 9.18km in total. That should have burned a few calories!!

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Great job finishing up! I know its hard in the beginning to keep from feeling silly or feeling discouraged but you have to remember to be patient and every time you go out youre making a difference in your body. They say, it takes 2 weeks to feel a difference, 4 weeks until you see a difference and 8 weeks for others to see it. Its a long long road but its totally worth it. Keep it up! I know you can do it! 

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