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Starting tomorow :)

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Day 2 finished pushed myself a bit too hard ran up a long hill and felt like getting sick anyone else experiance this ??


Yep!  I have a tendency to push myself TOO hard, a.k.a not listening to my body properly.  Nausea turns to gagging or dry-heaving.  Non stop dry-heaving = stopping.  I don't want to stop, so instead I simply slow down.   I used to work out at 4:30 am six days a week, (alternate HIIT and weights) - I received quite a bit of ribbing, along with tips from the morning crew - it was humorous and embarrassing. :wub:  It took a bit of time, yet I finally learned when to back off, vs. over exert, AND when to eek out that last minute of running or weight rep vs. stopping or slowing down too soon.   


Yesterday, I too experienced nausea.  I knew how much I could take so I pressed through on the second to last run.  On the last run I knew I had to slow down, and I did. :)

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You're welcome Shaa! And to be clear, that was shared experience only. It'd be mighty cool to confidently offer more knowledgeable advice!   :P


Hey, have any of you ever run so hard that you ended up non-stop coughing for minutes afterwards ... coughs that would slowly wane 1-2 hours later?

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