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It must be wonderful to have a running partner. I can't claim that unfortunately but I do at least have some wonderufl scenery to run in and as soon as my C25K official training is done, I've got 16 gigs worth of jams on the iPod that will have to suffice . I technically have a friend to run with but she's a marathon runner and um, I'm not quite up to speed ( literally ) to run with her HAHA.


WTG on W7D1. It's kind of cool to have someone 2 days ahead of me having success. Just makes me more confident of my own coming sucess.

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W7D1 is next up for me. I'm adding in an extra day off because we are going to get smacked with cold weather and I want to give my lungs a chance to adjust. W6D3 was last night and feels doable to me now. I'm able to do the time, just not getting the distance. Missing it by about 2/10ths of a mile....

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