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  1. Welcome!! I'm kind of in the same boat as you! I do Latin dancing, but I have never been a runner! I have always avoided running because I feel like I have zero stamina and endurance. I'm not trying to win races here, just at least finish a 10k while running the entire time:)
  2. Welcome!!! That's awesome having twins!!! I'm sure since you ran in the past your body will get back into condition quick!! Congrats for getting back to it
  3. Hey guys!! I'm on week 3 of my journey! I'm 35 and have never been a runner however I walk 5ks all the time! All I can say is running brings it to a whole new level! Congrats to all of you on your journey! Can't wait to make it to the 10k!!
  4. Welcome!! With two little ones still in diapers I'm sure it's hard to find time to exercise or eat healthy! You can do this! I find that it's just a mind set and being determined to get it done! Do you have a double stroller? That will probably be your best bet haha!! Good luck!!
  5. Ok awesome!! I am doing about 2.8 right now in the 30 minutes. I am doing the 10k app so I would like to be a little faster, I also would like to breathe haha!! It is so hot on Louisiana!! I'm sure I'll get faster:) thanks!
  6. Ok great thanks so much:)
  7. Welcome!! That's awesome!! I am iny late 30's and have noticed it isn't quite as easy to keep the weight off as it was in my 20's lol! I figured running would be a great way to do it!! I just started this week and love it:)
  8. I'm glad you asked, I was wondering as well! So far I've lucked out and have been able to run outside which is what I prefer. I get bored not going anywhere lol!
  9. Hello Ryan welcome!! I just started the 10k app yesterday!! It is so exciting! Good luck on your journey:)
  10. hello I just started this app. Just curious what is the average distance you all are going or did go in the first few weeks? Thanks!
  11. I have had trouble with this in the past. Are you eating or drinking anything an hour before running high in acidity? I didn't realize my coffee was causing it!
  12. can anyone please tell me how to upload a profile pic on here:) thanks
  13. Hello!! Can I just first say I love this app!! Did my first day today, and loved it!! I have been making excuses why I can't run now for many years basically due to fear of failure. I really want to run and eventually work my way up to a marathon. Who cares if I don't come in first it's all about finishing now for me:)
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