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  1. It is absolutely NOT too late to try ballet (or any style of dance)! The best part about ballet is that it exercises all muscles of your body at once and you don't even realize it. Thank you for your encouraging words in regards to my new journey with this program! Have you completed part of/or the entire C25K program? If so, what has your experience been like so far?
  2. Hi all! My name is Maria and I am a 24 years old about to tackle W2D2 tomorrow! Long story short, I am trying to find a new exercise outlet ever since I graduated college 1.5 years ago. I spent my entire life/college years dancing classical ballet and eventually branching out to other forms of dance in college (contemporary, jazz, hip hop). Dancing is a very different type of exercise than running as it is more so anaerobic than aerobic. Despite dabbling with volleyball and softball in middle school, I never trained seriously in sports (which can include intense conditioning in the form of long distance running.) I can't remember the last time I ran half a mile. I also have asthma and a form of arthritis that affects the bottom right side of my spine which makes me nervous about this program. However, I am in the middle of Week 2 and haven't had an issue with either of those conditions which makes me feel better! Testing the waters... I read an introduction post on this forum from a girl who had a similar story to mine a few months ago. I can relate to what she said which was that she LOOKS like a runner and that people assume she runs all the time/has great cardio due to her naturally slimmer body. With running being even more popular lately, I have felt very insecure and embarrassed when I would have to constantly turn down people who would invite me to go on a run/sign up for a 5k-I knew I would have to quit within the first 1-2 minutes of running and that embarrassment alone was enough for me to always do what I could to avoid running. I am not using this program to become a dedicated runner/sign up for multiple races per year. I am simply looking to increase my cardio through running and know that if I am asked to run or want to simply exercise after work, I will have the confidence in knowing that I physically CAN do that and no longer dread it socially and physically. To gain endurance, have an outlet for exercise and match my INNER health to how I appear on the outside would be a great accomplishment for me! Oh, and maybe a 5k sometime this year:) Whew...that was a lot and probably way too detailed! I look forward to staying in touch with other C25K'ers on here and hopefully can relate to someone who is dealing with a similar situation! Good luck everyone!
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