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  1. Good for you! What is your best time of day to run? I have to run in the morning or I often don't get to it...
  2. Hi Gigi2three! Welcome! I am from the Midwest as well, have 4 kids and am grandma to 1! I just started running for the first time ever this past July and ran my first 5K in October. (In tennis shoes that were 15 years old.) I just bought new running shoes and have decided that I am a runner and will keep on running 3x a week. I might even do another 5K in the spring. Way to go with running and taking care of you!
  3. Nitae


    I was like you and was gasping for air and it was hard work right from day 1. I kept at it and just ran my first 5K on Saturday! I did the app 3x week and and did better giving my body at least one day of rest in between runs. And later on I think I repeated week 6 and 7. I'm 44. Good luck! You can do this!
  4. You can do this! I am 44 and have NEVER been a runner. I got off the couch in July and started this program. The first day I made it through the first half of the run/walk and wasn't sure I could finish I was so tired. I did finish! And kept at it. This past Saturday I ran my first 5K! You can, too!
  5. I was a certified couch potato. No exercise in my day. Thanks to C25K I just ran my first 5K! Each day on the app pushed me beyond what I thought I could do, but then I would do it and feel such a sense of accomplishment. Every. Single. Time. Now that I finished my goal of running a 5K I am starting over and doing it with my daughter. I'm 44 and have discovered that I am a runner! I will definitely run another 5K and have already started training to improve my time.
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