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    Completed 30 mins. Thanks C25K

    HI .. I just completed week 5 yesterday and totally agree with you that it was the toughest. The idea of 20 mins jog without break petrified me through out the week. The 5 mins and 8 mins runs were difficult but was proud to complete the 20 mins jog with yes a 30 sec walk. Did not think I could do it but did so. Pace of my work out is also almost same as you and probably tad slower. Now that I crossed week 5 last day I do believe that I have at in me to finish the course. My goal is also the same as yours ie finish 5K in under 40 mins and then work my way to reduce time from there. I am aiming to participate in a 5K run by middle of Feb if n only if can start to run in under 40 mins. I am also after the runs doing strength training at my local gym but need to up my game in same. Maybe we can share info n data with each other to keep ourselves motivated and better advised.
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    Hi, use another app Endomondo along with c25k to measure distance and speed. Its accurate and will run alongside c25k. I used it to measure distance/speed and evaluate myself in the given fixed time of C25k how much distance am I covering comfortably. For example , I am on week 4 and am able to cover 1 Km in 8.10 mins vs 8.3 mins in week 3 while running without being totally out of breath and extend myself.
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    This is for my life.

    Best of Luck
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    Help required

    Hi I am 40 year old and was around 260 pounds at the start of April 18 and now currently at 220 lbs. I mainly started gymming and diet control at the beginning. I had a huge gain in terms of loss in the first 4 months and then reached plateau and also started skipping the exercise and eating habits went array. Still didnt gain much and maintained more or less 220 lbs + - 5lbs. Start of december I again started training with a focused goal of reaching 200 lbs by March 2019. This time around I included C25K in my training including gym. My goal is to run a 5K by February under 40 mins. From the start my instructors havw discouraged me to take up running and cardio and asked to concentrate on weight training. Now again they are asking me to do the same but this time around I was determine to try. I am on the 3rd week of C25K programme and have not faced any issues and infact feel better expect for soreness on some days. I train in gym for 5 days a week with additional 4 days of running(C25K) included with my gym workout (included mostly of body weight training). I need to know whether I can follow the same routine or is it too much. I am feeling ok but fear a burn out or over training. So need guidance to balance my gym work out with running. The gym instructors are dissuading me to discontinue with the running as it would lead to knee injury and doesnot assist in weight loss. Can someone guide and help . thanks