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    breathing techniques

    I breathe through my nose and out of my mouth when running...not sure if this is good or not...I am typically a "mouth breather" when not exercising.
  2. Casagarber@yahoo.com


    Yep..I just use playlists on my phone.
  3. Casagarber@yahoo.com


    Yep..I just use playlists on my phone.
  4. Casagarber@yahoo.com

    Week One DONE!!!

    Congrats Rose! Not sure how some of you guys run in super cold temps. I think 35 is my limit
  5. Casagarber@yahoo.com

    Week One DONE!!!

    Just finished my 3rd and final day of week one!!! I feel great and ready to conquer week 2. Carpe Diem!!
  6. Casagarber@yahoo.com

    Starting tomorow :)

    You've got this Shaa!! Find some good music and let your feet take care of the rest!
  7. Casagarber@yahoo.com

    Week 1 Day 2

    Just finished day 2!! We've got this!!!!
  8. Casagarber@yahoo.com

    First Day and Questions

    I have been wondering the same thing. Pretty sure you are supposed to run every other day but I could be wrong.
  9. Casagarber@yahoo.com

    just finished my first run

    Thx! The color in motion YouTube vids look awesome!
  10. Casagarber@yahoo.com

    Breathing in the wind/ cold

    Wow! -3! You rock! I ran this morning and it was 43 and my ears and fingers were freezing (to me )