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  1. I breathe through my nose and out of my mouth when running...not sure if this is good or not...I am typically a "mouth breather" when not exercising.
  2. Yep..I just use playlists on my phone.
  3. Yep..I just use playlists on my phone.
  4. Congrats Rose! Not sure how some of you guys run in super cold temps. I think 35 is my limit
  5. Just finished my 3rd and final day of week one!!! I feel great and ready to conquer week 2. Carpe Diem!!
  6. You've got this Shaa!! Find some good music and let your feet take care of the rest!
  7. Just finished day 2!! We've got this!!!!
  8. I have been wondering the same thing. Pretty sure you are supposed to run every other day but I could be wrong.
  9. Thx! The color in motion YouTube vids look awesome!
  10. Wow! -3! You rock! I ran this morning and it was 43 and my ears and fingers were freezing (to me )
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