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  1. Hi. I'm on southern Ontario. I should stop whining because we have a lot less than some places North. And some of those states that got dumped on!!! We've warmed up this week. Yesterday and today are above 0. Roads are snow free, just waiting fit some clear sidewalks. I've registered for my first 5K in 4 weeks. Super excited. Just want to run run run. Lol I've been doing some P90x and extra cardio to keep up. We do have an indoor track, but I don't like people to see me huffing and puffing. Something I guess I'll have to get over since I've entered a race. Lol
  2. Awesome job! 26 minutes!!! Wow! Good luck on Saturday!!
  3. I have registered for my first 5k. I am super excited and super nervous at the same time. I have 4 weeks until the run. All I want to do now is run, run, run, everyday! Does anyone have any advice for a first timer?
  4. What do you do/ eat before you run in the morning?
  5. You have to turn up the voice prompt while she is speaking. After that you can adjust your music volume and should still be able to hear the prompts.
  6. It will work. I have an iPhone. You need to turn your volume up. But.... It will only turn up when the voice prompt is talking. So start the app and immediately turn up the volume. It should work after the screen locks. Hth!!
  7. Hi! Been awhile since I checked in. I am still planning on running in an Easter weekend 5K. Problem is, it has been so cold and snowy. I can deal with the cold. But the snow!!! Come on! I feel like I'm in some kind of obstacle race. Climb a drift, leap over the ice, oops they didn't shovel so run on the road, jump over the plow line. Sheesh! My ankles and hips are killing me. I try for once a week, but wish I could get out more. I am worried I'll be the last, most sweaty, most out of breath person there. I know it's about just getting out there. But ... Fingers crossed for clear roads and sidewalks soon!!! I never used to think I'd say this, but I want to run!!! How is everyone else holding up?
  8. Hey Kelly. I picked up an older polar heart rate monitor. It has the strap and watch. I Bought it at a second hand store. Still in the box brand new. Just needed a battery. I have used it a few times. I find it a bit frustrating because I don't know exactly what I'm doing with it. Lol I need more time to play with it. Push buttons, etc. Also, I set it with my details and then the monitor sets a heart rate zone for me. Well.., I run way over my zone. My max HR (I figured out on my own) is 185. The zone set by the watch is 116-157. I'm running at 169. How can I run in the zone AND increase my pace. It's a conundrum. I have no idea what I am doing. My advice... Do more research than I did. Which was none. Lol
  9. Oh I remember that day well!!! My husband came into the room to ask me how it went. I was laying on the floor, sore, huffing and puffing! Please shoot me! Lol It gets better! You get better! You will be great! Congrats on taking that first step to your transformation!!! You can do this!!
  10. That's good news about the Polar. I just picked one up. Haven't tried it yet.
  11. I know I know, "it's not about me. Really." Is what people say, but truely, she needs advice. I don't have this issue as I was not made the same. Lol She has some chafing under her bra. Other than being fitted for a new bra, what other suggestions do you experienced runners have. She needs something to help heal it fast and something to prevent it from happening again. She is afraid she will lose progress because she can't run right now. Tia!
  12. You're doing great Deb!! Keep it up!! I know what you're saying about people seeing you run. I have 2 routes that I run. My daytime route (road with very little houses and cars whip by and won't notice 'who' is running) And my nighttime route. (which is subdivisions) Those posts above did put things into perspective though! Who cares who sees us! We are doing something great for ourselves!!! You can do this Deb!!! I'll be thinking of you on my next daytime run!!
  13. Today was w2d2 for hubby. He is pretty sore, but he went with me anyway. He has shin splints. Especially on the right leg. Funny thing is he hated the walking portion of the program. He said it didn't hurt when he was running, but very painful when walking. I told him we'll (meaning I'm going to go alone, lol) rest up for an extra day or 2 until his shins feel better. Then we'll try again. that's what I love most about this program, no stress. Take it as our bodies handle it. That and everyone's support. This place rocks!!
  14. Thanks Rosewithin! Last week someone asked me if my kids ran with me. When I said no, they were surprised I had not asked them to. So when my husband I got back from the run, I told to my 9 yr. old son that if dad and I can run. He could too. He looked at me like a deer caught in the headlights! Lol I guess I'll have to work on the kids a bit harder!! Lol that would be awesome to run as a family!!
  15. I got him out jogging today and he did great! He has longer legs than me, so longer stride which meant a faster pace for me too!!
  16. Which turned out to actually be 4.3 kms. I ran the runkeeper app only during the 30 minute run portion to see if I am in fact running 5k. I didn't think I was, and yet, I was still disappointed.
  17. He might run with me, but he hates social media. So, no, he won't join me on here. But, I'll keep you updated on him when I post updates on my progress.
  18. Hi! I did go out and I rocked!!! Lol I am amazed that a few short months ago I couldn't run 60 seconds. Now I can run 30 minutes!!! Now I am trying to talk my husband into running. I told him I'd start the program all over again (to better my pace) and I'd run 5k a couple times a week on my own. I think I'm winning. Lol hopefully by next week I'll be posting his progress as well!!
  19. Great job!! It is so exciting to finish these weekly goals!! Good for you!
  20. Awesome Richard! We're only a running day apart. I just finished W8D2. I'm so excited!
  21. So tomorrow is w8d1. I was all gung-ho for week 7. Im not sure what's up with feeling this dread of running tomorrow. It is going to be -14 plus windy. I walked for 1.5 hours today in -26 ( wind chill included) so running tomorrow should be a piece of cake right? Gah!!! I need someone to get me pumped about this run!!! 28 minutes!!! In the cold!!!
  22. I did w7d3 today. Freezing cold out and an incredibly annoying runny nose. But no snotsicle or frozen eyelashes!! I run every other day,unless I am feeling super pumped and then I may either redo the last day or try to go for the next one up. I usually walk with a friend on my days off from running. I also do Zumba on my days off.(time permitting) I am looking to add something else strength wise to my work outs. I was doing a 3lb. Weight workout on my arms, but found adding all of this to my once sendentary lifestyle a little overwhelming and time consuming. So I decided to focus on cardio first. Once that is regular routine (which it is now) I'll add strength. So anyone have any fave strength workouts. Arms especially. Once upon a time I did p90x. (Like years ago!!) My husband installed chin up bars in our basement. It's kinda a joke to us now. I can barely hang my own weight from it, let alone pull up!! I couldn't then either. So Ya, I need upper body work. Oh boy, this reply got away from me. Sorry!! I hope I answered your question in all that rambling!!
  23. I also agree. Put it away and forget it. Think about other things. Like the outdoors around you. Gardens, lights, anything. I like to make my mental notes of things I need to pick up at the grocery store, chores or think of a movie or book I may have just watched/ read. Lol, anything to get my mind off of how much time is left!!
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