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  1. I started this plan in February got to week 3 and then I got Ill and had to take a break (turned out I fell back into old ways and stopped completely) I then decided that enough was enough and needed to get back out running I went out Wednesday just gone starting on week 2 and I planned in a hill to give myself a challenge and decided to give the hill a go on the last run home and my phone beeped to run at the bottom half way up I was thinking this 90secs doesn't seem to be stopping and I got to the top when I phone beeped to tell me to walk! I did the hill and it made me feel so good and glad I did it! The weekend is busy so not sure when I can next get out to run :/


    Was I out of breath though!

  2. I have been unable to run since last week due to a viral infection, I ran day 1 and 2 of week 3 but on Friday I didn't run aswell as no running this week as I am still not 100% but all being well I will go back out Monday next week!


    Should I start week 3 again as that's where I was up to?


    All advice is appreciated




  3. Hi and welcome. .. I am always happy that I completed the day each time and I am only on wk2 day1 but I feel so good afterwards I am also losing weight slowly which always's helps me to be more motivated.

    Yesterday I was thinking of excuses not to go out and the wind was one of them but I didn't give in am I am so glad I did get out for my run

    Keep going it will be worth it in the end!

  4. I was at work and looked out the window and all it was doing outside was raining and really windy all I could think of was ways to get out of the run/walk today!


    I got home and thought no Emma such it up you give up now you will give up completely and with that I got changed and went out! I ran against the wind and I wasn't in control of my breathing also got a stitch half way through but I pushed myself to the end and completed wk2 day1 and I am so glad I did it tonight!


    Any tips on breathing and running against the wind?



  5. I started using the app last Sunday 31st January and my runs were Sunday Tuesday and Thursday. After Sundays I ached a lot the next day but then after Tuesday and Thursday is didn't ache at all the next day ... is that normal?


    Also is leaving a 3day gap between runs OK as next week I am doing Monday Wednesday and Friday?



  6. I work with children and running around in the garden is something that they love me to do only I got out of breath quickly :/ I am also doing this to lose weight now my radiotherapy has finished 6 weeks ago! And I am a bridesmaid next year!

  7. Hi I am not a runner either and the thought of running outside in the cold scared me but once you warm up you really do not notice the cold air and I have just completed week 1 yesterday! I brought a jacket cheap so I had the reflective parts for safety! I have been going out this week after 6pm as I work!

    Hope you find the app helps because I have



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