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  1. I have stayed away from running thinking that I would never be able to do it but Sunday I started this week and Tuesday and Thursday I have come in from work at 6pm got changed and gone straight out to do the plan!

    Today I completed week 1 and ended it with running up a hill (not a steep one) to show myself that I can do this! Although if I ache tomorrow I know it's my own fault!

  2. I started yesterday and as the running parts went on I could feel it in my legs but pushed myself through it today I realise I have used muscles I forgot there was! Just keep going you can get there and build up each time

  3. I need to think of somewhere to go tomorrow that is well lit as the park I went to yesterday will be dark around 6pm when I am home from work I also need to remind myself to come in and get changed and go out straight away so I don't have chance to say I can't be bothered tonight I will go tomorrow!

    This is going to change me for the better!



  4. I completed the first day and felt so good afterwards have just brought a jacket online because of the nights being dark and wanting to be safe! Was lightly raining when i went out but I wasn't going to let it stop me!


  5. Hi am new and I am literally about to start this plan in the next 15mins!! :/ I am doing this to get healthier and lose some weight but mainly for myself to feel happy ... my aim is to start doing the 5k park runs eventually!


    I have meant to start this before Christmas but had to change my plans as I underwent radiotherapy now I have been able to recover over the last month now is time to change me for the better!



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