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  1. I started this plan in February got to week 3 and then I got Ill and had to take a break (turned out I fell back into old ways and stopped completely) I then decided that enough was enough and needed to get back out running I went out Wednesday just gone starting on week 2 and I planned in a hill to give myself a challenge and decided to give the hill a go on the last run home and my phone beeped to run at the bottom half way up I was thinking this 90secs doesn't seem to be stopping and I got to the top when I phone beeped to tell me to walk! I did the hill and it made me feel so good and glad I did it! The weekend is busy so not sure when I can next get out to run :/ Was I out of breath though!
  2. Thankyou i will try that hopefully next week if I feel myself again
  3. I have been unable to run since last week due to a viral infection, I ran day 1 and 2 of week 3 but on Friday I didn't run aswell as no running this week as I am still not 100% but all being well I will go back out Monday next week! Should I start week 3 again as that's where I was up to? All advice is appreciated West Emma
  4. A bit more about me I am 26 and work in a children's nursery with pre school ages so constantly on the go! I have a boyfriend who I have been with for over 2 years
  5. Haha I don't want to give up today is a tough day for me so I planned my runs around it! I will bug you to keep going! Emma
  6. I have faith that you can do it! My motivation is losing weight for my friends wedding next year as I am a bridesmaid! Weight loss is slow though back to work for me for another 4hours Emma
  7. 3min runs wasn't actually as bad as I thought although I think I did run them at a slow pace?! :/ Well done for completing the 5 min runs Emma
  8. I have just got home from work and I am getting ready to get out there! 3 degrees tonight though :/ how are things 5 minutes runs
  9. Hi Jane Essex isn't far from me I am in Kent ... I love shopping in lakeside I start week 3 today and I am a bit nervous about the 3 min running ... somehow I think it will be cold tonight when I run! Emma
  10. Hi Jane it's sometimes nice to have someone to talk to who is on the same plan together! Where in the UK were you living? I am in the south East England England and it's been so cold each time I have been out! Emma
  11. I had this to deal with this week and Wednesday (day2 ) was horrible I made it through but I hate running when I am on my monthlys
  12. Hi I am about to go out on week 2 day 3 in a bit and would be lovely to talk to people from the UK or other parts of the world and together we could help each other through this plan!? It is currently 4degrees outside but I guess you warm up on the run! Emma
  13. Hi and welcome I am also doing this for me you can do this!I am on week 2 day 3 tonight after work and loving it so far!
  14. I found the 90second running fine and was shocked by what I can actually do
  15. Hi and welcome. .. I am always happy that I completed the day each time and I am only on wk2 day1 but I feel so good afterwards I am also losing weight slowly which always's helps me to be more motivated. Yesterday I was thinking of excuses not to go out and the wind was one of them but I didn't give in am I am so glad I did get out for my run Keep going it will be worth it in the end!
  16. I was at work and looked out the window and all it was doing outside was raining and really windy all I could think of was ways to get out of the run/walk today! I got home and thought no Emma such it up you give up now you will give up completely and with that I got changed and went out! I ran against the wind and I wasn't in control of my breathing also got a stitch half way through but I pushed myself to the end and completed wk2 day1 and I am so glad I did it tonight! Any tips on breathing and running against the wind? Emma
  17. Balladeer it's ejc1989@hotmail.com
  18. Balladeer would be really nice to have someone to help motivate me if that's OK?
  19. That sounds good yes please Emma
  20. I started using the app last Sunday 31st January and my runs were Sunday Tuesday and Thursday. After Sundays I ached a lot the next day but then after Tuesday and Thursday is didn't ache at all the next day ... is that normal? Also is leaving a 3day gap between runs OK as next week I am doing Monday Wednesday and Friday? Emma
  21. I work with children and running around in the garden is something that they love me to do only I got out of breath quickly :/ I am also doing this to lose weight now my radiotherapy has finished 6 weeks ago! And I am a bridesmaid next year!
  22. That is very true I am a little bit scared of the next week's but I am determined to get fit and lose weight to reach my goal!
  23. Hi I am not a runner either and the thought of running outside in the cold scared me but once you warm up you really do not notice the cold air and I have just completed week 1 yesterday! I brought a jacket cheap so I had the reflective parts for safety! I have been going out this week after 6pm as I work! Hope you find the app helps because I have Emma
  24. I was so happy with running up that very slight hill made me feel so good once I got home! Just need to keep pushing myself now! Hopefully all this c25k will take my mind off the follow up I have at the hospital next week :/
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