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  1. Hi Emma Would you rather continue our discussions privately? If so, my email is horseyjane@msn.com And I'll keep bugging you to make sure you keep going!! I actually found wk 3 hard for some reason but I pushed through it.
  2. You'll do it!! I'll bug you to keep going!
  3. I just do a slow jog, looking to get through the runs without having to stop, then when I feel comfortable I'll speed up a bit. I'm entered into a 5k on March 12th so that's my motivation to keep going and I want to finish it in 30 mins or less. I will not fail!!!
  4. How did your 3 mins go? I just finished my 5mins and really surprised myself! It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I gave myself a pat on the back!
  5. I'm starting W4 today, got 5 min runs!
  6. Hi Emma Small world, I used to work in Lakeside. I listen to music and I find that I'm so busy singing along the 3 in was up before I knew it. And if it's cold, wrap in layers, but you'll soon warm up once you get going. Good luck
  7. Hi Emma I'm an Essex girl!! It's been pretty cold over here at times but the other day I ran in warm sunshine! That makes a world of difference. I'm starting W4 tomorrow, what week are you on? Jane
  8. Hi Emma I'm from the UK but living in Idaho now. If you want a buddy I'll be here. It'll be nice to have someone to give encouragement when you really don't feel like getting out, especially when it's cold or raining! Jane
  9. I started to get tight calves when I started running, so I iced them when I got back. It took about 2 days for them to feel better. I told my son and through his high school track training he told me to drink water. I'm really bad at hydrating, even in the summer, so I started drinking the water and found it helps greatly. It's hard to keep drinking but I'm making myself do it - so far it's working.
  10. Welcome! When are you starting?
  11. Welcome new runners! To make myself stay motivated I entered a 5k in March, so, being a competitive person I have to keep training otherwise I won't be ready for the race. Failure is not an option! Just started W3 and the 3 min run wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, having music helps me enormously.
  12. Welcome and good luck! When are you starting?
  13. Hi Slopok! The hardest part, for me anyway was getting out the first time. Once you've done that it will get easier. Yes it hurts at first but you'll feel so much better just getting outside in the fresh air. If you want to buddy up let me know. We all need encouragement sometimes and it's nice to share the ups and downs with someone - especially the ups! I can give you my email if you want.
  14. Welcome Jessica, This app is a great start, there's plenty of moral support on this site if you need it! Have you started yet? I'm on W2.
  15. Welcome Jessica, This app is a great start, there's plenty of moral support on this site if you need it! Have you started yet? I'm on W2.
  16. Janegb


    W2 D2 - feeling a little discouraged as my left calf muscle tightened up really badly during the 3rd run portion of the workout. I stretched well before I started and during the walking it was fine. As soon as I started running it started to get tight. Last year I started this program and never had a problem so why this time round? I'm having to take a few days off now. My son told me it may be because I'm not hydrated enough, through his track training at school they are told to sip water throughout the day. I'm entered in a 5k on March 12th. I hope I can do it.
  17. Thanks Rob....I'll do more stretching tomorrow and hope it gets better.
  18. Good job! Keep the positive attitude. Music helps so much for me, I'm listening to the music and not even looking at the time and before you know it, it's cool down time!
  19. Just finished W1. Towards the end of day 2 and 3 my left calf muscle tightened up but I pushed through to the end and iced it when I got back home. I'm hoping as I progress this will go away. In between day 2 and 3 I walked the dogs in the hills with no problems but the running seems to activate that tightness. Anyone else at the same stage as me that would like a running buddy? I've also just signed up for a 5k on March 12th
  20. Good job! I'm so happy for you. Just goes to show that when you put your mind to something its achievable. Keep us posted on your journey
  21. Well, just completed W1 D1. Put my music on, put the phone in my pocket and let that nice voice on the app tell me what to do. It was over before I knew it!
  22. Born in England, now living in Boise, Idaho.
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