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  1. Hi all! I am a 40-something mom of 4 with an overnight desk job. So, I want to be fit and active to do stuff with my kids before they're all gone to college and beyond, but I lead a very sedentary lifestyle. My husband and I just started W1D1 of C25K today. So yeah very new to all this. He seemed to fare well, while I was out of breath for a while. I'm planning to just walk between workout days to get used to being more active. I am very overweight, but I want to lose it and be heathier and more active for myself and my kids for many years to come.
  2. I'm new too, just did W1D1 with my husband today. I am SOOO out of shape. I am doing this for weight loss as well as just being able to say I DID IT! I am just not active enough and if I have to come up with things to do on my own, I'll never do them. I can't get the app to work right on my phone, but I was able to use a timer to do all the reps this time. Hoping I can figure out the issue with the app before the next time. I need it to tell me what to do LOL!
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