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  1. Thanks BouncyWalker. Your doing great. I repeated w5d1 a couple of times before a started w5d2. Good luck on your next run!!!
  2. Finished the C25K (W8D3) this morning. It's hard to believe that when I first started using this app I struggled with the first few weeks. It took me 11 weeks in total but I wasn't bothered how long it took the main focus for me was to get to the end of the program and moving on to the next level once I felt comfortable. Good luck to all those who are using the C25K stick with it you can do this
  3. Wee 7 day 3 completed Well done Breezee and Speedingsloth
  4. Well done big_p on your weight loss that's amazing
  5. It must be hard running in the heat. I'm not looking forward to that. I didn't run yesterday because of work (14 shifts) and won't get chance today as in work again. Will give w6d2 a go tomorrow. Hope your run goes better today. Good luck!!!!
  6. Yes it's funny how w6d1 catches you out. Good luck with your run today speedingsloth.
  7. Caz1025


    Hi Weeza I am also from the uk. I work with children who have autism in a residential home. Well done on your progress so far. I had to repeat some weeks and today completed w6d1. When I first started I struggled but am so glad I stuck to the programme. You can do this Good luck with week one
  8. Thanks Breezee I was wondering if it was just me!! Well done for getting through week 6 and good luck with week 7 Haha yes I will try and catch you up!!!
  9. Yay I actually completed w5d3 last week Went to do w6d1 this morning. I thought it would be quite easy after completing the 20 minute run and was surprised that I found it tough. I stuck with it though and completed it Has anybody else found w6d1 tough?
  10. Thanks for your support Azatol and Anne. I took your advice and completed day 2 of week 5 this morning.
  11. Thanks Anne and Rob. I managed to complete week 4 )) I did find it hard though and week 5 is starting to scare me. Not sure whether to repeat week 4 yet.
  12. I've just completed w4d1 and feeling really proud of myself. I have just turned 50 and was very unfit. I have asthma and COPD. When I first started the c25k I struggled with week 1 but was determined to do it. I completed w2 but then kept repeating w3 until I felt comfortable and today was the day that I got the confidence to move to w4 and so glad I did. I have been reading some of the threds on here and you have given me the inspiration I need.
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