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  1. I have found myself with the same problem. I have moved to the next town and finished the C25K last year with a group of ladies. Now I hve to run as a loner and find it really boring. I find myself talking myself out of running very easily and have to force myself to go. I also have a new injury and have found it harder to run myself in fear of hurting myself more and not having no one to help me.
  2. Thank you. I have an appointment next week with an ortho since I havent had any relief and it is a constant pain.
  3. Has anyone suffered an achilles tendon injury? Did you continue running? What seemed to ease the discomfort the most? I have been running since last year when I started C25K and did two 5ks last year but took winter off due to cold weather. I just started back in May and I now have an injury I dont like the thoughts of not running right now. Any advice is welcomed. Thank you!
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