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    Finished - Here's Some Stats!

    Today is a good day, I've finished the 8 weeks and loved it so much I put an extra half mile in as I felt pretty fresh. I'm so motivated to start the 10k programme next week. Not bad for someone who hadn't done any running for 8 years and was a true couch potato at the start. I've been using runkeeper since I started this back at the beginning of February so I thought it might be good to share some stats. I hope it's a motivation for others and doesn't put anyone off continuing with their programme. I had no repeat days so here goes with the info: 8 weeks 24 activities 67 miles! 14:30 average pace - 1st week 11:02 average pace - final week 9,491 calories burned 12 lbs weight lost I was never really a big fan of running previously but I think I've got the bug now...at last. It took long enough (I'm mid 40's!). One thing is key with the programme....it was 70% mental and 30% physical for me. Get your head right from the start and you'll make it through. There's a couple of weeks that feel like a sudden jump in effort. Just get through them and don't quit! I was fortunate enough to get through without any injuries and I hope everyone else has the same good fortune. Good Luck!!
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    Newbie :) just finished W5D3

    Congratulations! It is a big step, I agree. Now you know that you _will_ complete the program!
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    Treadmill User

    I'm a short, slow woman. My walk speed is 3.5 mph and my run speed between 4.6 and 5.0 mph on the treadmill. I vary the incline from 0 to 2% depending on whether I'm training for a race or just running indoors because it's cold/hot/wet. When you can finish your day's goal and feel tired but you're not wheezing, set it 0.1 faster the next day. Eventually you'll get to a speed that lets you finish strong and still have the energy to finish your day!
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