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  1. SloPok

    Never ran before

    Hi! I'm about as sedentary as it gets. I'm 44 years old. 158 lbs. I work from home, 8 hour day desk job. I don't take breaks (very demanding job). Wake up, throw on my yoga pants (which have never been used for yoga) walk my 30 steps to my office and sit for 8-10 hours. Get off work, do some housework then sit on the couch to read or watch tv then bedtime. Next day is exactly the same as the day before. Ive been so unmotivated for so long and feel and look like I've just given up on myself. It's depressing. I'm not an over eater, just normal meals, not much snacking and I don't drink much pop, pretty much just water and milk. I've been a consistent 120-130 lbs (size 4-6) until about 10 years ago. I have a treadmill that I don't use. A dog I don't walk. Tons of fun exercise equipment and DVDs I don't take advantage of. I've never been one to work out, much less run (unless being chased by the bad guys and even that has never happened). This morning laying in bed I downloaded the app. I'm scared I'll fail. I'm scared I'll hurt myself. Im scared it won't work and I'll give up (again). BUT! I'm determined to do this and see what happens. I'm going to start by counting calories (1200-1500 per day) and do a workout DVDs on my off days. (Pilates, yoga, ab work, etc). I'm going to try to see if I can get thru week one. So that's me and my plan. Wish me luck and a prayer! Three questions... Should I do the app in the morning or afternoon knowing how my day goes (above)? What should I eat before I run? Any real advice for a very out-of-shape-can't-hardly-breathe-going-up-stairs-but-really-wants-this-to-work kind of gal? Thank you all for your support!
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  2. Agustin

    Another Newb

    I'm in!! Shogglers unite!
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  3. I completed W1D1 of C210k. Yay!
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