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High from Kentucky


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My names Mike

I'm a middle aged man who come to the reality his health was sliding in a bad way. Decided to make changes in my life and 2014 is where it's at for me. 10k+ steps a day, Paleo diet, 3 days barbell strength training. Lost over 80 pounds, kicked diabetes and high blood pressure......

Fast forward to a month ago. Gym owner told me I should try and run on a treadmill for 30 seconds after my workout just to see if I'd do it. I did. I think I almost died LOL but I loved it. Just kept wanting to do it. Finished Week 3, Day 3 today.


I now run Mon, Wed and Fri after work followed by a barbell strength training session ( and then possibly 20 minutes or so of lying in a corner crying HAHA ). I'm still pushin 230lb so running has been a real fight but I'm a fighter and it's fun. W5 D3 looks like it's gonna be a real big fight.. Can't wait to try.

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I lov the Paleo way of eating. I have a website at www.cavegirlcancook.com and also on Facebook. I post recioes here and there. Paleo is my favorite.

Your website looks fantastic. Bookmarked it. Saw your pizza recipe and almost wet myself!! Conveniently, I have a Ninja chopper I bought just to mash up cauliflower. I fry it with onion, garlic and a little salt in bacon grease or ghee at high temps. YUM. Looks like I'll be having my first pizza in over a year come saturday!!!!


Thanks so much for the link. I'll be keeping that site close.

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Ha ha,


thanks I think I take that as a compliment. You are so funny. I really need to get more recipes up. It we can only eat so much. Lol. I love the cauliflower pizza recipe. Yum. Nut I do eat regular pizza most often. It's a treat. Cheat day. I post more on my Facebook cavegirlcancook. Much faster.




There are many more Paleo sites. Like Nom Nom Paleo, Primal Palate, etc. I have learned sooo much. Just like a Caveman, grunt grunt, lol. Meat, veggies and fruits.


Anyways. Thanks for your nice post. My favorite cauliflower ever is place florets on cooking sheet, drizzle olive oil over the top, sprinkle salt and throw on whole garlic cloves. Roast in oven at 400 degrees for about 20-25 minutes, toss on grated Parmesan cheese (not the green bottle junk), roast for 5,minutes more. Absolutely my favorite and my favorite veggie as of the moment. Raw, roasted, mashed, Riced, you name it. Oh Delish. I think I eat about 4 cauliflowers a week, then spinach, and tomatoes, cucumbers. There are my main veggies.


Can't wait for you try the pizza. Follow the recipe. It's a good one. Don't add extra salt as you cook your meats and veggies as the pepperoni will release salt.


Well, I tell Ya, I've had great conversations on this form and this has to be my favorite. I love talking about food.


How long have you been Paleo?? Good luck and keep me posted.

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Well thanks Azatol,


Yeah some of those books use way too many things I can't find in a store. I buy a lot from Amazon. But some of those ingredients like, Arrowroot flour is loaded with carbs too, ugh. I use a lot of the same meals over and over again. Steak and cauliflower, Taco salad, chicken and salad, etcc... Good luck to you.

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