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Forefoot vs Midfoot vs Heel Strike

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I was a really bad heel striker which caused super tight muscles and of course a hamstring injury and I also have plantar fasccitis. After the physio fixed my hammy, I moved into a lighter neutral shoe with some orthotics and I have been working on my midfoot strikes this is definitely better. I read that a lot of running shoes can enforce a heel strike due to lots of padding in the heel area. I am starting treatment to realign my bones and combat plantar fasccitis on Monday with a podiatrist. He apparently has a lot of success with this condition. So if all goes well, I am looking. At running with brooks pureflow which has got a lower heel drop and encourages midfoot striking. After all these problems I have had with my foot I think my solution is to combat the root of the cause, work at strengthening my feet and no more over stability shoes as the podiatrist works on my alignment which should fix my gait. So we will see...

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