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Walking and incredibly easy jogging...its a start


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I'm absofaluminum 27 f from Toronto, ON, Canada. 


Last night was my day 3 using C25K.


I think the app is great, it helps entice and motivate me.


I'm very out of shape, not into working out or sports. I really am coming from the couch, so I do walking and very, very, light, bouncy jogging.


Day 1 was hard- definitely very sore for at least 2 days...


But on Day 3 I can already see a difference.


I am doing this at night as I struggle with some social anxiety...


Living here in Canada I am going to have to research how people keep up with the ice and snow in the winter. I had to be very careful on the little bit of ice that was out there last night.


Any suggestions on all-weather shoes or ice-gripping shoe covers?


Even basic advice on shoes would be great (I seem to have weak ankles and the back sides of my calves are the most sort after a workout)





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Hi there AOA and welcome on here. Great that you have the app and are beginning. First step is the biggest. You might want to invest in a treadmill or elliptical to get you through the wintertime. I'm going to do that same thing. It's cold here at 5000 feet. Lol.


For shoes. Find a great shoe store that specializes in workout shoes. They will test you for the right fit. Also be able to tell you about shoe grips.


Hey, let me know how you do. And good luck.

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