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Endurance Tips

Guest Eilla_s11

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Guest Eilla_s11

I am getting back into running. Previously I have been able to run a full 5k. I had aggrivated a previous injury to my knee so I had to stop running for a while until that healed. Now I have lost all my endurance and can barely run a mile without walking. What are some breathing or other tips on improving endurance so I can increase my distances gradually as I go through the program.


Also, I have been getting cramps on my side as I am running. Is there a way to eliminate these or a way to avoid them? Thanks for your help!

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Hi Eilla,


Welcome here and glad you are back to running. Keep us posted here on your progress. So your side aches are side stitches. It is from lack of oxygen. You can check it out online. But what you need to do is breathe more deeply as you run. We all forget to breathe when we run. Breathe! That will help.


Let me know. Good luck.

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