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In ATLANTA ..Former athlete just starting and never been a runner...any advice?


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Hi there, 


I am starting my first day today with much trepidation. I have heard great things about the program but I have NEVER been into running. I grew up as an athlete playing competitive sports and want to be healthy again. I am about 30 pounds overweight and out of shape. i don't take any medications and don't smoke, so hopefully that will help. Can anyone give me some advice about getting over the humps and where those humps may be? Also, what REALLY can i expect in the way of weight lose if I also have a semi healthy diet? 


If you just want to say hello and you are in the ATL area that would be great as well. Thanks.

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Good luck!


I'm a noob but know that my husband's first weeks running all those years ago were a mix of slow and steady running with lots of water and ibuprofen, and a great pair of well-fitted running shoes, meant for his body. He went and got his feet/running analyzed at a running store before buying any shoes in order to minimize things like shin splints. I went and bought the cutest running shoes on discount and got blisters that sidelined my first day by a week. Doh!


Oh, and anti-chafe products. I won't endorse anything here, but google Running Anti-Chafe or ask at the local runner's shop. Nothing like having your thighs screaming in pain while you're just trying to make it down the street!



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Hi Mosley and Lone Baby,


Welcome to the Forums.  You have done the first step and you are starting.  WootWoot, now that is a great accomplishment.  


You are You and noone else is like you.  RUN at your pace, noone elses.  If you cannot run, walk fast, do not be hard on yourself at all...  You can do it..


If you have to repeat a day or a week, then DO!  I stalled myself on Vacation and was on Week 5 of the 10k app, but now i am repeating Week 4 to get back up to speed.  I do not worry about it at all..


Get Great Shoes and get out there and go.  You will become addicted and love it.......


KEEP Me POSTED!!!!   Good Luck!   

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