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Half marathon

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Guest Abigail

Ok so I got a little drunk the other week and entered a half marathon. A friend of mine has just run the Chicago marathon so I thought why not. Only problem being I have never run a 5k let alone a half marathon but why not! I'll give it a go. Literally the saying "if you have a body then you are an athlete" has never sounded more apt. Wish me luck. Day one week one here I come.

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Hi Abigail,   OH THE THE THINGS WE DO OR SAY WHEN DRUNK, been there myself.  Or worse yet, when you wake up in the am and think, Oh Crap, did i post that?, then deleting it before anyone saw it,  lol...


Anyways, good luck in your training and keep us posted on here.   Curious to see how it all turns out....  Happy Training... 


You Too BallanBurden!!

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hey I got one better....59 yr old gonna try a 5k in February and then a half marathon in early May....flying pig.....I just want to survive....hell no I'm not trying for a world record.....I love this app and I'm sure I can get there

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