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Hi, I am 48 and have just started this program. I've never been a runner and I decided recently to get fit for me and for my family. I have done the first three sessions for Week 1, I wasn't sure if I am supposed to keep going with another four sessions this week? The first session I did was tough - gasping for air like a fish out of water...and pretty sore afterwards...but I persevered and I was proud of me. After the third session I felt pretty good - still really puffed out, but proud of sticking with it. Any advice from others would be very welcome - this is very new to me! Thankyou :)

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I was like you and was gasping for air and it was hard work right from day 1. I kept at it and just ran my first 5K on Saturday!

I did the app 3x week and and did better giving my body at least one day of rest in between runs. And later on I think I repeated week 6 and 7. I'm 44. 

Good luck! You can do this!

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